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workshop of irina novias

"We are in the process of creating a party dress."

At Irina Novias we offer you a personalized design and impeccable adjustments. Irina Novias makes your new wedding dress with no size limit. Premier your dress made just for you.

Irina Novias can create or copy almost any type of garment, from casual pants to wedding dresses. Irina Novias guides each client through the creative process by lending her design expertise to make her clients' dreams come true. We work with all types of fabrics: silk, satin, mikado, lace, gauze, suede, leather, wool, furs, fabrics with synthetic fibres, and much more. We work with delicate appliqué or embroidery, and we also specialize in complex retouching. Irina Novias can create garments for a client of any age, shape or size.

The custom design process is easy. First, we ask the client to provide us with the photos that inspire them for their dress. Then, during the consultation, we go over the details. After everyone agrees, we start looking at the fabrics by choosing from samples we have in the workshop. Then, the customer's measurements are taken and we begin the process of creating patterns. The patterns are created specifically with the measurements of each person, and the garment is adapted and adjusted each time it is tried on. At this stage, changes and modifications can be made, or more details added to the dress.

All prices and delivery times vary according to the complexity of the garment. The dress is made locally in the centre of Alicante, in our workshop on Calle Bazán.

In addition, we offer a full range of tailoring services for women and men that include retouching, alterations, garment transformation, and custom design in the areas of suits, wedding dresses, and casual wear.

workshop of irina novias

Irina Novias exceptional touch up services allow her clients to customize their wardrobe to their unique specifications. Garments that are too loose or too tight can be taken in or out up to two sizes. The garments can be modified and updated with fashionable details such as lace, appliqués, or leather.

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday, from 10h to 14h and from 17h to 20:30h. Please make an appointment to meet us at our workshop in Alicante.

workshop of irina novias
workshop of irina novias
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